Come, Holy Ghost, our souls inspire

Happy Pentecost!

Pentecost is my favorite day in the Church year because it’s the day God did something very cool. Creative and quirky, really. See, after Jesus Christ had died and was raised, he spent some more time tying up loose ends with his followers, and promised them he would always be with them, and would send his Spirit to be with them. Then, he Ascended (or rose up!) into Heaven.

But that’s not the end! Because Jesus had a promise to keep–and on Pentecost the Holy Spirit, or Holy Ghost, came down in “tongues of fire” and rested on the heads of the disciples. They started speaking in different languages for all the world to hear and understand. God made Godself available and understandable to all. I love it.

On to my hymn for today. It’s… Not the easiest song I could have brought to introduce to you. But, like Pentecost, I love it. And it’s really worth knowing! It’s very old-from the 9th Century. It would have looked a little something like this written out:

Image by Jdilworth771 at en.wikipedia - Jdilworth771 (talk), Public Domain,

It sounds different, too. It’s… fluid, wandering, without a strict beat or rhythm. This week, I’ve recorded a short video of me singing the first verse for you to learn, and playing the organ so you can sing along.

Words, verse 1: Come, Holy Ghost, our souls inspire and lighten with celestial fire; thou the anointing Spirit art, who dost thy sevenfold gifts impart.

Some ideas to go further (click on the links!)

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