Now Go in Joy

Our hymn this week is loosely based off of a song from the Caribbean, arranged by Jorge A. Lockward (detailed information about him here). The tune he transcribed and arranged is named Junkanoo for a major parade and festival that happens in the Bahamas the day after Christmas. I wanted to know more about the origins of this piece, and since this is still our exploration of Global Worship music (even if this music was arranged with American Christian Worship use in mind), I thought a bit of context would be a good beginning for this week.

The Junkanoo festival originates from slavery, when slaves were allowed a day off of work for Christmas, which they used to reconnect to their African traditions.

If you want to dig a little deeper, other Bahamian tourism videos get into the rhythms and instruments they use and teach in the parades. I think it’s very cool, and part of why I’m doing this series is to give my audience a small taste of the vastness of music on this tiny planet. This particular hymn is not “from” the Caribbean in the same way that some of the music I’ve shared has been from that country/community. But it is inspired by cultural practices and songs from the Caribbean.

Heather plays the accompaniment of this week’s hymn

Sigh. I am not a “techie”. [I am a trekkie, but that’s not helpful]. I did several videos this evening and because I don’t know how to edit them together/record tracks over one another I did what you will see below. Fortunately, I don’t take myself too seriously, so please don’t take me seriously, either. 😆

Learn to sing this hymn by singing along with me!

Words: Now go in joy, to spread the word, till all people have heard! God embraces all, follow then the disciples call. Tend your neighbors with loving care in daily work and prayer. God’s own grace empower your spirit, amen! (repeat)

Lastly, this video gives you some practice tools that I used this week to learn this hymn. Have a great week, and thank you for being a part of this. Leave a comment, below!

Clap, speak, and learn to sing this fun hymn!

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