Heather Kirkconnell is an organist and music teacher based in Bowling Green, Kentucky. She has experience teaching and leading music for children and adults of all ages in church and class settings. She is the Director of Children’s Music at The Presbyterian Church, Bowling Green (PCUSA). There, she teaches chimes, Orff, drums, and, of course, SINGING!

Heather believes strongly in Music For All. God created us to express ourselves creatively, and gave us all the gift to sing, play, dance, draw, paint, act, write, and create–we are created in the image of a creating God!

This site is a place of resources and repertoire for parents and children to sing and learn at home–a place we’re all spending a LOT more time at! Every week I’ll share a new hymn with some information about the words and the music, some ideas to help you learn it, and whatever else comes to me…! I hope you’ll join me in lifting your voices to God and SINGING!