Holy, Holy, Holy

Today is Trinity Sunday. Trinity means, essentially, a group of three (people, things, animals, you name it!). We believe in One God in Three Persons. But since pretty much ANY further discussion of this will certainly slip into a heresy of some sort, that’s all this non theologian has for you on this subject! XD

To me, what’s more important about Trinity Sunday is that we WORSHIP the Three-in-One, One-in-Three God. To that end, I have a real classic, stately, majestic hymn for you. Last week’s hymn choice was old. This one’s from the early 1800’s–MUCH more recent and for that reason a fair bit easier to grasp, I think. I like the mix of grandeur and simplicity in this hymn. The melody (or tune, if you’re more familiar with that terminology) is fairly simple, the words straightforward (none of this “sevenfold” and “dost”), but the sentiment and worship of this unimaginably AWESOME and HOLY God is absolutely present in the words. Although I will miss singing and playing it for a full church on a Sunday morning, I know that we will come to a day when we can join one another in worship and sing our praises- Holy, Holy, Holy! Lord, God Almighty!

Here, I sing just verse one. If you want to learn the other verses, you can, here.

Then, I thought as a way of exploring some of the moods and feelings in this hymn, I’d share with you a lovely set of variations on this melody. I think the way the composer sets the Finale is particularly majestic. What do you think?

GAHHH As I get better at using this technology… I’ll get better at the visual presentation of embedding 😉

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